Military Schools in USA For Boys and Girls

What is Military School?

A Military school is a form of a military academy that actually is a sort of regular high school but along with an additional curriculum of military cadet education and training. A number of countries across the globe have military schools that are providing the needed military training in addition to high school education. However, it should be remembered that military schools are not for the children with discipline issues because they are not some sort of reform school for troubled children but rather a genuine learning institution with one objective i.e. to provide military training.

Military Schools USA

A bunch of private military schools date back from the mid-19th century. Most of these were all-boys schools as at that time only men were sent for higher studies or prepared for military services. However, the scenario has drastically changed in the present as many military schools are now coeducational preparing both girls and boys not just for the military but also for college while boasting about 100% college acceptance rates.

Why are military schools popular?

Military Schools are touted to be an excellent opportunity for the sincere students, whether or not a career in military service is an option on the cards. Some of the reasons leading to the popularity of military schools are as follows:

  1. Military Schools hone the leadership skills of students: All the military schools in the U.S. provide a similar kind of training as is seen in the U.S armed forces and this cannot be found in a private corporate setting. The students at Military schools are taught the kind of leadership that inspires people. A military school instils the same leadership qualities that are found in a military leader so as to lead people to the battleground asking them to risk their lives.
  2. Military Schools increases your chances of getting accepted to any college: Providing an outstanding preparation for college, it offers 95% college acceptance rate. All this and more made possible by providing excellent teachers, amazing athletic programs, stronger role models, effective supervision, diverse community of students and safe learning environment. Therefore, military schools develop confident young graduates thoroughly prepared for college.
  3. Military schools offer much more than military training and education: Just like a regular high school, military schools offer the best possible educational facilities. However, the extra addition in these institutions is that you are provided with 10 or so hours of military training per work. If you look beyond this focus on academic capabilities and military training, one sees that the students at Military schools are made to be a part of the clubs in order to make them stay physically healthy, perennially active and absolutely fit. Such institutes prepare the students to stay committed to their physical fitness by making them participate in athletics for gaining the required stamina for armed forces.
  4. Military schools instil strong personal values in the students: Integrity and trust are said to be the core values of serving in the armed forces and military schools are known for teaching the students for conducting themselves with utmost veracity. Honour, Courage and Commitment are the three core values that are stressed upon by the officials at military schools that makes the students strive for excellence in each and every sphere of life. The students are held to the highest moral and ethical standards along with the will to do what is right regardless of the consequences.

Life in a Military School

Military School LifeIn the military schools of United States, the students have to undergo a strict structured routine that leaves only a minimal amount of free time for the students. The students are made to wake up early in the morning around 4 am – 5 am followed by a physical training till the time of breakfast. After breakfast, they are made to attend regular 8 hours of academic classes as in the case of a high school. The evening time is structured equally between more physical training and self-study sessions followed by a fixed lights-off schedule.

When you are a part of the military school, the importance of seniority is on the same pedestal as when you are a part of a legit military institute. You have to obey and pay considerate heed to the commands of your seniors. Like grades in a military organisation, there are ranks in these military schools. All the students of one batch are provided with the same rank, however; prefects are selected in the senior-most classes so as to lead the other students and maintain the required level of discipline.

In a military school, there are strict dress codes for the students to follow in order to make sure that the students face no distractions due to the way the students around are dressed. They are taught to keep themselves looking properly neat with pressed uniforms, polished shoes and perfect cleanliness. Not only are the students held accountable for the way they look but also for their performance in academic tests.

Difference between Military School and normal school

When we are comparing Military schools and normal schools, it is important to note that we are talking about private military schools and public schools in the U.S.

Uniforms: Military schools are mainly college preparatory private schools where the enrolled students are made to wear proper uniforms and live in an absolute military style disciplined environment whereas in the case of a normal public school, only a few of them have dress codes and that too are mostly limited to prohibiting short skirts or spaghetti straps. Most of the times, students can wear whatever they want and behave the way they like.

Admission Process: Military schools are mostly characterised by outstanding athletic programs and excellent academics levels. Therefore, these schools do not accept students without exceptional academic records or with a past of disciplinary issues. On the other hand, the normal schools only have minimum requirements for admissions and most of the times; have a difficult time implementing even these. They have to accept all of them and grant them with their right to education.

Routine: The last and the most important difference between the Military schools and normal schools is the daily routine of the students. The students of military schools have to adhere to a strict routine that leaves them with only a minimal free time slot. Also, there is no room for rule breaking and errors in a military school whereas, at a normal school, students have more free time and are closely monitored for change in behaviours in the case of errors.

Top 10 Military schools

The majority of Military Schools in the US are the prestigious high schools where the high emphasis is laid on physical fitness, military preparation and equally important- academic rigour. A huge bunch of the total military schools in the US are private owned institutions with high tuitions fees but there is also the facility of financial aid available for the needed students. Also, most of the military schools are for the males to enrol but there are also some available for the females.

Top 10 Military schools of the US are as follows:

  1. The US Naval Academy: Located in Annapolis, Maryland, this military school is touted to be the finest military institution in the entire country. This is the second oldest service academy and has been developing the cadets into high-quality graduates fully prepared to take over the leadership in both military and civilian sectors.
  2. The US Military Academy (West Point): Located at West Point, New York, this military school has been functional for 200 years now. Consistently ranked among the best institutes of the U.S., it offers high academic standards and military influenced character development.
  3. Texas A and M University: Located at College Station, Texas, this institution has a rich tradition of facilitating quality officers to the armed forces of the U.S. by providing the best of academic opportunities as well as the finest military training.
  4. US Air Force Academy: Located in Colorado Springs, this Academy is the youngest of the 5 federal service academies, however, equally prestigious. Forbes has ranked US Air Force Academy as one of the best institutes of the nation.
  5. Norwich University: Being one of the oldest of the senior military institutions in the country, this military school has a wholly American education model that provides a high standard of academic education along with the traditional style environment for military training.
  6. Virginia Military Institute: Located in Virginia, this institution partly receives support from the government of Virginia. This is the only military school whose graduates have served in 3 of the 4 primary armed service branches.
  7. The Citadel aka The Military College of South Carolina: Located in Charleston, South Carolina, this military school boasts of high academic standards and military training and discipline with rich traditions.
  8. US Coast Guard Academy: Located in Connecticut, this Academy is charged with the responsibility of providing military officers for the U.S. Coast Guard Service and other similar services related to the military.
  9. US Merchant Marine Academy: Located in New York, it is a prestigious high school institution to educate and develop the cadets into seafaring officers making it an appropriate option for those looking for a career on the seas.
  10. Valley Forge Military Academy: Located in Pennsylvania, this institution offers junior high education, high school education and also post-secondary schooling. Contributing to a competitive education system, this institution reportedly caters to all five branches of U.S. Military.

Military School for Boys

At the time of the beginning of military schools, these used to be the all-boys educational institutions because at that time only men were made to attend high schools or sent for armed forces enrollment. All the military schools currently in the U.S. allow the enrollment of boys but not all the military schools in the U.S. allow females to enrol.

The top Military Schools for Boys are as follows:

  1. Fork Union Military Academy
  2. Carson Long Military Academy
  3. Lyman Ward Military Academy
  4. San Marcos Baptist Academy
  5. Saint Thomas Academy
  6. Marine Military Academy
  7. Benedictine College Preparatory
  8. Benedictine Military School
  9. John’s College High School
  10. Camden Military Academy

Military School for Girls

The armed forces were primarily a male-dominated arena in the U.S. However, at present the U.S. has started taking up the responsibility of preparing even females for the respectable role of serving the military services or at least learn personal values that are going to go to take them a long way in their personal lives. However, it should be noted that no military school in the U.S. caters to just females but there are schools that allow co-education. In the military schools that allow co-education, even the girls now have to go through the same academic activities as well as physical activities. The girls are also expected to match the standard of fitness of boys.

Two of the most prestigious institutes that allow girls to enrol are the US Coast Guard Academy and the US Air Force Academy. The US Coast Guard Academy is said to have the highest number of women enrolled for the service academics with the female percentage of cadets being 30% of the entire student body of the institution. The US Air Force Academy claims to have around 21% of women in the service classes who are going to excel as officers in the reputable U.S. armed forces.

Military Schools Fee or cost

According to legitimate sources, the average fee or cost of a military school ranges somewhere between $30,000 – $40,000 annually. These costs are said to be inclusive of all the room rent charges, board charges, uniform fees, tuition fees, textbooks costs, and associated fees. In order to make it affordable for the parents, a lot of military schools offer scholarship aid on the basis of financial needs. Another way they have made this financial investment of parents easier is by offering flexible tuition plans that ensure that the parents are able to manage the tuition costs without any unnecessary financial burden.