Military Schools in Alabama

Alabama is the 23rd most populous state in the United States of America. Standing as the 30th biggest state, it has a huge population. The state affairs and the boundaries are designed to naturally co-operate with the growth of the state. The development comes from all the corners. The state has been a good base for the army and air-force.

It’s been more than a few decades since the US army decided to undertake defense installments and build training camps. The use of pseudo defense tools for the training of army personnel has led to an environment that is ideal for passionate newbies in the field; the State’s policy when it comes to army and schools have been really good.

Army and Air-force base offers varied courses and training camps for the children from the schools and the nearby universities.

When it comes to the complete development of their child’s development, with proper academic guidance, people usually run towards Military Schools. And why shouldn’t they? The level of hardship, growth, intellectual development and ethical values children learn there has always been unmatched. Parents of Cotton State, Alabama though have two foremost choices when they want their kids to get a thorough development and luster in their personalities.

Alabama as a state is a complete package for Military schools. The environment in here is really friendly for Military schools. The presence of Army in the state on a grandeur level allows the students to have ROTC and JROTC opportunities in multitude.

Alabama is going to be the super choice for military schooling given it has around seven military schools/universities which carry out the ROTC opportunities in Air Force and presence of various other military programs and troops allows the development of new programs every now and then.


Marion Military Institute and Lyman Ward Military Academy are located at the heart of the state. They are mildly separated by a meager distance of 120 miles. The defined history and the contemporary stories from these schools and universities suggests that a huge percentage of students passing from Lyman Ward Military Academy go to Marion Military Institute for completing their college education.

Alabama has a plus point when it comes to be the real army base as well as the visiting base for the Air-force. The incessant training camps and the epitome training schedule allows the local universities and schools to leverage their children with the best of insight and on field experience.

Lyman Ward Military Academy-

Lyman-Ward-Military-Academy-logoLyman Ward Military Academy (LWMA), a co-educational institute was founded to provide the rural youth of Alabama, who had a desire to learn, work and transform themselves into better ones, an opportunity of secondary education. The fees of LWMA is $17,775 excluding the uniform and personal expenses.

Spread across an area of 300 acres, the academy focuses on a large number of recreational and athletic activities to develop sportsmanship and leadership among the cadets. The main sports include Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Cross Country.

Marion Military Institute-

Marion Military Institute logoMarion Military Institute (MMI) founded back in 1842, is a co-educational institute, which holds a national reputation for producing proficient military cadets. MMI is the “State Military College of Alabama” since 2006. It has also been nominated as “Honor Military School with Distinction” by the US Department of Defense.