Military Schools in Colorado

Among the fifty states of United States of America, Colorado stands twenty second when it comes to population and stands eighth in the list of area it covers. The state is renowned for the wide range of mountains it hides in its satchel. Along with the mountains, the state has a good sum of plateaus as well. The wide range of undulated plains is extremely charming about this state.

The state happens to be the home to some of the reputed schools and universities in the country. Military School and United States Air Force Academy are just two in the list.

A Spanish traveler named the state ‘Colorado’ after the name of the Colorado River. History has been really kind to the state and people from varied corners of the country have flown in to live here. Denver, the capital of Colorado also happens to be the most populated city in the State.

Colorado is a cool place to live, the temperature here remains in between 25-31 Degree Celsius during the summers and it gets really cool during the winters. The state, over time, has also witnessed chilling winters. Institutions like Military Schools and United Air Force Academy find the state to be adequately warmer to host and develop training camps for new officers. The increasing number of bases in the south of Colorado is a proof that Military takes a lot of interest in this specific arena of the country.

Military School:

Hill School for Boys is the name by which the military school in Colorado is known for. The number of camps and military installation arenas has led to the development of a lot of training camps for new officers. The state also offers with programs like ROTC and NROTC at various camps and institutions. Over 150 students are enrolled every season from each of the military schools. These training camps include trainings for Naval Aviation, Nuclear installments and handling.

It happens to be a coed military school in the center of Denver, the capital city of the state. The school was inaugurated in the year of 1906 and still holds great importance as a military institution.

United States Air Force Academy

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE ACADEMY LOGOEstablished on 1st April 1954, this amazing Air Force Academy is the home to 1200 new officers every year. New officers from across the country come here to get trained in their desired fields of interest. The motto of the school is to train, inspire and educate men and women of the country to be officers and then work for the safety of the nation.

Candidates who apply for admission are judged on the appreciations and laurels they have won till date. The panel identifies the talented candidates and then a test is conducted to check their ability to be mobile and active on the field. The United States Air Force Academy has got a reputation to maintain. The various programs like ROTC and JROTC make it easier for the new officers to train in new and amazing defense architectures.