Sarasota Military Academy

Sarasota Military Academy

Sarasota Military Academy is a charter military high school. It was founded in 2002 and has Eagles as its mascot. It is an A rated school that is located in Orange Avenue, Sarasota, Florida. The charter school is identified as a high performing institution by Florida Department of Education.

Type Private
Grades  9-12
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SMA_logoSarasota Military Academy is a reputed establishment that grooms and nurtures cadets in an amazing way. The academy is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. It has also met the requirements of Advanced Accreditation Commission. The mission of the school is to impart high quality education to all its students so they grow up to become responsible and patriotic citizens. It is a private school that works on government funding but is run independently from public school system.


At Sarasota Military Academy additional efforts are put on academics. The course is designed as per Florida State laws and focus is put on mastering the learning process. It is dynamic and covers vast scope of knowledge. The course consists of advanced assignments to allow students to expand their learning purview. Here students are taught to gather information for better understanding of the world. They are taught how to be disciplined.

The course material provided by the Academy is of the highest quality. Extra emphasis is put on research. To provide personal attention to students the teacher student ratio is kept as low as 1:17. They are taught moral values like equality, respecting everyone, being kind etc. During the school hours cadets are taught various things ranging from conventional subjects to leadership skills and team work. They are asked to pray regularly and be humble. At Sarasota Military Academy they are prepared for the future.


Extra-curricular activities


Along with academics physical and mental fitness is also important. During school hours various classes are conducted like weight lifting, self defense, aviation, fencing, sailing, etc. Cadets are put through various military drills to improve their strength and capability. They are also taught diverse life-skills. Other activities include marksmanship, archery, sword fight, and use of weapons.

Apart from these activities cadets are asked to mandatorily do community service and take up his civic duties like a responsible citizen. There are various JROTC teams which cadets can also join, like rifle team, raider team, drill team and color guard. These teams are recognized nationally and provide a great opportunity for cadets to hon their skills. The schedule and joining information is available on the academy’s website.

Address 801 N Orange Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236, United States
County Sarasota
Year Founded 2002

Parent involvement

Sarasota Military Academy recognizes the need of parents for overall development of children. The Academy understands the influence of parents and encourages them to take part in their child’s learning. They understand the shared responsibility and ask parents to get involved in the development process. Parents are asked to attend parent-teacher meets, workshops, exhibitions etc. They are regularly informed about their child’s performance.



Sarasota Military Academy is a beautiful campus that has all the essential facilities. Here students have access to technology, resources, unique classes, military training and many more things. There is discipline and in-tolerance towards disrespect of rules. Here apart from academics, students are taught values and morals. They are taught how to live in honor. They are taught how to cash opportunities. The Academy focuses on making its cadets responsible citizens. To know more about admissions either call 941-926-1700 or leave your queries here.

Sarasota Military Academy works in a unique way. It is a renowned school that like an eagle flies high in the skies, all the while keeping its focus on its target.