Southeastern Military Academy

Southeastern Military Academy is a private boarding school for children who require behavior modification. It is a type of correctional facility wherein military techniques are used to improve children. The boarding school is for boys aged between 9 and 17. Children who are troubled and rebellious are admitted in the academy where they are taught to become responsible. The Academy’s present President is Alan Weierman.


Southeastern Military Academy was earlier known by another name, viz. Victory Forge Military Academy. Initially it was a children’s home and its foundation was laid in 1985. Over the years it faced many controversies and complaints. In 2009, Alan Weierman formed a non-profit entity by the name of Southeastern Military Academy and since then it is known by it.


Southeastern Military Academy believes in second chance. It admits children under the age of 18 years who exhibit behavioral problems, low self-esteem, drug or alcohol related problems, uncontrolled anger, vandalism, lack of honesty, defiance, promiscuity and extreme impulsive behavior. Parents or guardians of children who fall under these categories must fill out an enrollment summary which should be accompanies with past records like psychiatrist’s report, counselor’s report etc. After the summary is submitted along with the application fee, a staff member will get back to you within the next 24 hours with preliminary acceptance.

The best thing with Southeastern Military Academy is that here you can not only correct the behavior of your children but also see them get educated and reach somewhere in life.


Southeastern Military Academy is determined at improving the lives of troubled children. The yearly tuition fee for day students from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade is $7370. People can opt to pay it in monthly and weekly installments as well. At the time of registration, $875 is to be paid for books, resources etc. The 12th Grade students need to pay an additional $400 as graduation fees.


Southeastern Military Academy is for those children who have behavioral troubles with people, at home, school etc. The Academy specializes in three distinct parts, viz. academic, behavioral and physical training components. They use military training to correct the children. They shift their focus to productive things like training and learning. With strict discipline and sometimes harsh punishments the behavior of boys is improved. The behavior modification program is highly structured and parents need not worry as their children are in safe hands. They are constantly encouraged to perform better and utilize their energy in achieving something fruitful.


Southeastern Military Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education. It is also accredited by National Association of Christian Education. The academy offers high quality private school tutoring wherein behavior is modified along with imparting education. Here they’ll be stable and learn to behave properly. They will be taught self-discipline and how to live life peacefully. The boys will be motivated to perform and achieve their goals.

Every child has a different frame of mind and learning process. To ensure teachers are available for students all the time, adequate students teacher ratio is maintained. At Southeastern Military Academy knowledge is imparted through practical methods. They are given assignments and are asked to help in daily chores. This is to keep them busy and humble. They are taught how to be disciplined and regulate their behavior.

Military training

Military training teaches us to be disciplined. It invokes self-confidence and self-reliance. It will make them independent and they will be able to control their mood swings. It will also bring forth leadership qualities in them.

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