Summerlin Military Academy

Summerlin Military Academy

Summerlin Military Academy is a public military high school located in Bartow, Florida. It is also the only military school in the area. It traces its lineage back to late 1800s when Summerlin Institute came into existence. The Academy is a prestigious institution and holds a high regard in everyone’s eyes.

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Summerlin Military Academy is named after Jacob Summerlin, a farmer who donated acres of land and large amounts of money for construction of Bartow’s first school. The Academy is named so to commemorate his legacy. The property on which Summerlin Academy is constructed was purchased a decade back in 2005. In February, 2006 it got approved and from August onwards the first batch was started. Initially the classes were conducted in Bartow High School Campus. In the first batch 213 cadets joined Summerlin Academy. In 2008, the Academy vacated the high school and shifted to its newly constructed building.

Academy’s mission

Summerlin Military Academy is a fine institution that believes in motivating the children of Polk County to become moral and responsible citizens. They believe in diverse learning and promote accountability, leadership, civic responsibility and academic achievement.


Summerlin Military Academy offers scholarships to outstanding students based on their academic achievement. They are constantly monitored and put through tough challenges. The scholarships are given to them so that they can continue their education in renowned colleges. Summerlin cadets are required to take up a foreign language like Arabic, Russian, Chinese etc. and excel in it. They are also required to perform well in Honors, Dual Enrollment courses etc. They also need to enroll of either of these electives, viz. archery, scuba diving, judo, horse riding etc. to build a confident character and attitude.

Leadership program

Summerlin Military Academy believes in practical training and bringing out a leader in every one of its cadets. They are taught values and principles of the Army. The cadets are taught how to lead through the Program of Instruction. It is a military styled program in which cadet leaders are asked to take the responsibility of planning, organization, performance and execution of school activities and other programs. The cadets are selected and asked to exhibit leadership skills.

Behavior at campus


Cadets are asked to maintain proper discipline in campus as well as within the community. They are expected to display proper and ethical behavior all the time. They have to be both mentally and physically fit and must exercise self-control and self-discipline. They must  be eager and willing to learn, serve and lead.

They must show respect to all their peers and fellow cadets and must not resort to bullying. All the cadets must show respect to he leader cadet and follow his directions. They should honor the national flag and should always be ready to serve the community. The school requires cadets to perform at least 150 hours of community service prior to graduation.

Address 1500 S Jackson Ave, Bartow, FL 33830, United States
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At Summerlin Military Academy academics are given priority. The classrooms and teaching procedures are designed as per military-style. Cadets are required to respect teachers and address them as Sir or Ma’am. The academy even involves parents in the learning process to make teaching much more effective.

Extra-curricular activities


At Summerlin Military Academy cadets can become part of various extra-curricular activities. There are various sports like lacrosse, marksmanship, archery, scuba diving, equestrian, judo etc. At the Academy cadets are also taught self-defense and how to use weapons. Additional activities include fire and medical fighting, FFA, National Honor Society, Hosa, etc.

Summerlin Military Academy is a prestigious military school that converts children into responsible citizens through military style teaching and training.