Free Military Schools

Military education is being preferred by parents over regular schooling as its far more appealing and effective. Military training not only develops personality but also makes a child strong in many ways. It induces a certain level of confidence and self-reliance that regular schooling doesn’t. Military training makes a child live a disciplined life. It gives him a purpose, an aim to achieve.

But military education can be expensive, specially if its a private institution. Not that there ain’t any free military schools but you’ll need to search a little bit to find some. Generally public high schools that offer military programs are free. They are called magnet schools or charter schools. Magnet schools are those institutions that run a regular course along with military (JROTC) course. Students have to specifically opt for military program. Charter schools on the other hand are private institutions that run on government or public funding but are independent of public schooling system.

In a free military school, the expectations of teachers are high. Students have to perform outstandingly. They have to excel in academics as well as in co-curricular activities. They are continuously asked to go beyond the average learning. Whether they’ll receive scholarship for further education or not depends purely on their performance. Some of the free military schools are:

Bataan Military Academy

Bataan Military Academy located in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a charter military high school that provides free tuition to students. The public co-educational school was established in 2006 and is named in the memory of brave US soldiers who died in Japan at Bataan Death March in 1942 during World War II. The academy provides standardized study material to students. The high school curriculum is as per the State laws and regulations. The course is also as per the requirements of Naval JROTC and every cadet is its member.

Apart from normal courses Bataan Military Academy also provides courses on naval science. It is a unique course that covers everything from naval history to modern maritime warfare. It also covers information about rules and regulations, naval explorations, military’s no drug or alcohol policy, etc. The course emphasizes on leadership skills and how to hon them. Extra-curricular activities include basketball, physical training, military drills, marksmanship, rifle teams etc.

Delaware Military Academy

Delaware Military Academy is a charter school that was found in 2003. It is a free military high school that is located in Wilmington, Delaware. It runs on government fund and is recognized by US Navy and State of Delaware. All the cadets in the academy must mandatorily join Naval JROTC. Being a public charter school it doesn’t require any rigorous admission procedure except a formal application and personal interview that is conducted by the school council. The Academy conducts its classes inside Red Clay Consolidated School District and for physical training and sports it uses Banning Park.

Delaware Military Academy is considered as one of the best free military schools. It has a high graduation rate and almost 90% of those students receive college scholarships. At the Academy cadets undergo rigorous military training. They have to perform drills and take part in various team sports. They can also enroll in various varsity level teams and represent the academy. The high-school is a member of Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association that gives cadets numerous opportunities to prove their mettle. For details, visit

Carver Military Academy

George Washington Carver Military Academy is a free public military school. It is a 4-year high-school that is located in The Riverdale area of Chicago, Illinois. It is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The high school opened in 1947 but converted to a military academy in 2000. The co-ed school is named after the famous scientist George Washington Carver. The academy encourages students to perform extraordinarily in academics as well as in other fields. The cadets are given standard education and military training.

At Carver Military Academy special emphasis is put on discipline and leadership skills. The cadets are taught through a well-structured program in a controlled environment. They are trained to become honorable citizens. At the academy every cadet needs to complete at least  40 hours of service learning. Cadets can also join various clubs and teams, like rifle teams, athletics, National Honor Society, Color Guards, Raiders, etc. For more details related to admission and school activities, log on to

These schools and some of the other charter or magnet schools provide free military education. Military schools are good for society as they produce responsible citizens who understand their duty and are ready to honor it. The extra emphasis they put on academics, training and other extra-curricular activities brings out the best in a student. He comes out as a respected person who serves the community and the Nation.