Military School in Georgia

Georgia is a state that is situated in the southeastern part of the US. It maintains a healthy population ratio and is a middle-income state. It maintains perfect relations with its neighbors to ensure its development. The working population of Georgia is the best part because it is the main element of its ground forces.

All the three forces of this state are equipped with modern amenities. Both the army and air force are on their best. The naval department is somewhat backward. However, there are certain training camps and advertisements are being made to attract the youth of Georgia towards such services.

Military schools are scattered in different provinces of the state and this is an advantage for individuals seeking such an education. There are some academies, which offer secondary facilities, and the rest of them are postsecondary. These schools are preparing the candidates for the forces and they provide all the facilities that are required for them to serve the country.

The various military schools in Georgia are as follows:

Benedictine Military School

Benedictine Military School LogoThis school is located in Savannah that is a province of Georgia. Only male candidates qualify to study in the school and it follows catholic principles. The school is a college level institution that provides general studies and other classes to the students. It is the best option if someone takes it up for JROTC or for religion related studies. The academic features of this school are excellent because it provides a list of subjects like journalism, sports and many extra-curricular activities. It is one of the finest institutions in the country and the students must have an extraordinary record of accomplishment to enter this institution for their studies.

Military College of Georgia

Georgia Military CollegeThis college is located at the University of North Georgia that is situated in Dahlonega. It also has an affiliation with the United States army like the other schools. GMC provides a three branched degree system to the students. All the features of this school like studies, sports and others are the excellent and students studying here receive the best in this field. Students who seek admission in this school must have a diploma provided by a high school.

Riverside Military Academy

RIVERSIDE MILITARY SCHOOL OF GEORGIARMA is open only for boys and is situated in Gainesville. It providesthe JROTC program and the cadets of grade 9 and above can participate in Leadership Education and Training. The school has best sports infrastructure that is prepared for the overall development of students. Apart from this, other events like drama and music separate it from the league of the other schools. It is a historic school that has given rise to excellent graduates.

Georgia Military College

Military College of GeorgiaIt is located in Milledgeville and provides degrees related in the fields of science and arts. The honors program of this college is outstanding. The other feature that makes this academy special is its community services. It has six locations with two expanded locations in addition. Anyone with GED is eligible to apply in the Georgia Military College.