Military School in Illinois

Illinois is a Midwestern state and one of the most densely populated state in the country of United States. The state is famous for agriculture and industrial activities. Illinois is the biggest transportation hub in the entire US. The city Chicago, that is in the northeast of the country is the major city and monitors the economic policies of the industries.

Education level in the country is also high and there are all the natural resources that are required for education. Many major universities are providing different courses that are job friendly. The state is also armed with modern warfare techniques and the armed forces are well equipped. Three forces exist in Illinois they are the navy, air force and ground army and they have well trained soldiers.

The recruitment of soldiers is done with the help camps and others are taken from the military schools of Illinois. This country is the capital of military schools as it has the highest numbers of military academies.

Air Force Academy High School

Air Force Academy High SchoolThis school is located in Chicago that is the most popular city of the country. This school is a part of Chicago Public School System. The focus of the school is on sports, math, science and physics. The biggest event that is held by the school for its students is the science fair. In extracurricular activities, students aeronautic engineering and managing skills. AFAHS delivers a high-level education to its students.

Carver Military School

Carver Military Academy LogoThis is a high school that is located on the southern part of Chicago. CMA emphasize on two fundamentals they are academics and sports. Students can avail JROTC facility in the school along with the sports and other activities. However, there is an important thing that every student has to remember and that is the early enroll policy. The students have to place their forms before the deadlines to ensure their seat in the school.

Rickover Military School

SRP RICKOVER MILITARY SCHOOL LOGOThis school is a training academy for the college-going students. It provides NJROTC program to the students that helps them to develop pride, honor, discipline, citizenship like qualities in them. It is also known as Rickover Naval Academy RNA. The school has best teachers and the students can easily pick up the standards.

Chicago Military Academy

CHICAGO MILITARY ACADEMY LOGOThis institution is situated in the Giles Avenue of Chicago. The school provides regular lessons. It also offers classes in subjects like computer science, foreign languages etc. Individual attention is given to every student, as the ratio is 17:1. The main aim of the students in the school is success that helps them in their future.

Marine Math and Science Academy

MARINE MATH AND SCIENCE ACADEMYMMSA in Chicago is a secondary school that train both boys and girls. It provides quality education in all the fields and ensures overall progress. Apart from studies MMSA emphasize on sports activities as well. Boys and girls have separate gaming options. It is a complete package for the students.

Marmion Academy

Marmion Academy LogoThis school is located in Aurora. It is a catholic academy and prepares only the male candidates. The academic quality of MA is the best and it prepares the students for the college. JROTC, ROTC and athletics are the main parts that are provided here.

Phoenix Military Academy

PHOENIX MILITARY ACADEMYIt is a group of schools that is located in Chicago. The grades that are offered in this school are from 9 to 12. Along with the regular classes, it provides advance placement lessons to the students. It falls in the list of top 50 military schools of Illinois.