Military School in Kentucky

Kentucky is the 37th largest province of United States of America. It is the 26th most populated state of the country. It is seen that this place is becoming popular among the industrialists and they are building big companies here. Kentucky is a developing state and is moving ahead on the path of development. It is also a good base for the armed forces.

The recruitment criteria followed by the forces of Kentucky is different from the recruitment process of other states. The people who have no past idea about the army and its operations are provided with the training that generally lasts for four days. However, MEMS qualification is the latest selection criteria for the armed forces of Kentucky. MEMS has been designed by the State Guard Association of the United States of America.

In past, a number of police brigades and armed brigades were managed by the political powers of the country. After the hurricane Katrina, everything was re-structured and now there are separate sections for each force.

Air force and army are the major players in the country and they always conduct different sessions for training and recruitment. These are conducted with the help of different schools and colleges that are present in Kentucky. Top universities also take part in this process.

However, if parents require a complete and authentic training for their kids then they must always rely upon the military schools of the state. The military schools located in Kentucky are best because they focus on skills, academics and sports. Extra activities are also involved in the course that is designed by these schools. Kentucky has mainly one military school that is providing the students with best knowledge and making them perfect for any and all army services. The residents of this region can go to the following military school:

Forest Hill Military Academy

Forest Hill Military AcademyThis academy is situated in Millersburg. It offers co-education and therefore both girls boys are allowed to attend this school. This new school was established in the year 2011 and it has grades from six to twelve. Approximately 10 students are there in each class. This is an advantage because they all get personal attention of the teachers. The dress code that has to be followed by the students is formal. The cadets are trained to think critically and creatively in the school. FHMA is equipped with modern teaching techniques including e books and whiteboards that are digital. They focus on games along with the academics and provide best athletic games to their cadets. The sports activities include wrestling, swimming, martial arts etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned course details there are other lessons that are taught to the students of Forest Hill Military Academy. The other course options are as follows:

Religious lessons- the students are taught about different places and their customs in the classrooms. Bible chapters are also discussed with the students.

Equine history- the basics of equine history is the part of syllabus of FHMA. It includes the history of horses. Horses played an important role in the discovery of Kentucky.