Millersburg Military Institute


Millerburg Military Institute is a day-cum-boarding school that admits students from Grade 6th onwards. It is a co-educational school that opened in 2012 with a new name, that is, Forest Hill Military Academy. The school is situated in Millersburg, Bourbon County Kentucky. It is a private school that is run by U.S. Army Cadet Corps, a non-profit organization.

Type Private
Grades 7-12
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Millersburg Military Academy, as its popularly known has seen quite a few up and downs. In its 113-year old history, it witnessed numerous tragedies and faced a lot of troubles. But even after all the set-backs, it was re-opened in 2012 under a new name. Its legacy dates back to 1893 when Millersburg Training School was started in a building that housed yet another educational institution. Five years later the building was renovated, grounds were cleared and the institution was re-named to Millersburg Military Institute. In 1898, the first batch of 17 students graduated.

From 1903 onwards, new buildings were constructed to accommodate the growing number of students. Over the years it passed quite a few hands and is now under the leadership of U.S. Army Cadet Corps.


Forest Hill Military Academy is open to both male and female students. The boarding facility at the Academy is only for boys and girls have to leave after the end of day’s classes. However, a residential provision to accommodate 12 girls has been made by the Academy. The admission process is simple and is primarily based on a candidate’s commitment towards the Academy. Eligibility criteria is however decided upon average grade points, personal interview and letter of recommendation.


Forest Hill Military Academy provides all the latest facilities to its students. The tuition fees for a residential cadet is around $21000 for an academic year while for day boarders it is around $8000. This is purely tuition fees and does not include uniform cost or cost of other outdoor activities. Since Millersburg Military Institute is a private institution, the scholarships are limited and students have to perform to earn it. The Academy also charges $500 if a candidate doesn’t bring his own laptop. The charge is for the laptop it provides to the student.


At Forest Hill Military Academy importance is given to smart learning. The teacher student ratio is adequate which ensures personal attention from all the trainers. The course taught is as per the requirements of Kentucky State rules. Here an emphasis is put on learning with the help of technology. Every student is asked to bring his own laptop. In case a student fails to bring one, he is provided by the school. The laptops are programmed to school’s learning system and teaching is done through it. Here you can learn a lot of things in a disciplined environment. Leadership skills are taught as an important part of military curriculum as well.


Military requires you to be physically as well as mentally fit. At Millersburg Military Institute focus is put on improving ones fitness. The Academy follows the training procedure of US Army which includes activities like cross country races, rappelling, rock climbing, scuba diving, survival in difficult environments like dense forests, water etc. The cadets are taught how to use weapons. They learn how to read maps and compass to find directions. Various events are held to test the strength and alertness of students. Every month a weekend is reserved for high-adventure activities for boys and girls.

Address 1122 Main Street Millersburg, Kentucky United States
County Bourbon
Size 18 Acres
Year Founded 1893

Forest Hill Military Academy focuses on overall development of cadets. Along with academics they are given military training. For more details log on to the official website.