Military School for Kids

Military schools are an upcoming trend in US. Parents are preferring military schools to ordinary ones as its teaching approach is far more effective. There are a variety of military schools, viz. charter schools, which are private schools that work on government funding but are independent of public schooling system. Then there are magnet schools which run JROTC programs along with regular courses. Most of the military schools in the country are high schools that teach courses as per the State rules and regulations but in a different fashion.

Along with academics, military schools also focus on rigorous physical training. The schools teach self-defense, survival and use of weapons. In such schools importance is given to military training like drills, scuba diving, archery, sword fighting, etc. It is seen that children studying in military schools are far more fit, both mentally and physically. They are well disciplined and are more confident. They are achievers and better performers. Military style of teaching is about overall development and there is no compromise on standards.

Some of the military schools for kids are:

Chicago Military Academy

Chicago Military Academy is a public military school. It is a 4-year co-educational high school that is located in Chicago, Illinois. It offers regular courses along with JROTC components and training program. There are quite a few academic departments in the academy, like fine arts, honors course, advanced placement courses, computer sciences, foreign languages, etc. It is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Along with academics emphasis is put on physical training and outdoor activities. For more details visit the official website.

Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College comprises of four distinct institutions, viz. junior college, junior college military program, high school and a middle school. It has a total of 9 centers through which it caters to more than 8000 students. The ACCEL program run by the middle school allows students to attend junior college as well, thereby enabling them to get both high school diploma as well as college degree. As per the JROTC curriculum, every day there is a 50-minute session of LET, that is, Leadership, Education and Training. The cadets are required to do march-past every alternate day. Post-school extra-curricular activities are conducted like soccer, baseball, athletics, drills, cheerleading etc. To know more log on to the school’s website.

La Salle Institute

La Salle Institute is an all-boys private military school that is located in North Greenbush, New York. Students from 6th Grade onwards can join the school. The teacher student ratio is 1:12 which makes learning easy and interesting. Army JROTC curriculum is an integral part of the school since 1891. Two times it has been recognized by US Department of Education as a School of Educational Excellence. It has a track record of 100% college acceptance because of which it is recognized by Middle States Association Commission on Secondary Schools as well. The institute offers HVCC Dual Degree Program through which students can opt for more electives and receive credits for both college and high school.

The institute is involved in various varsity level sport competitions and has also won quite a few of them. The annual tuition fees for 6th grade students is $10000 where as for 12th Grade it is around $13000. The school offers excellent opportunities and is also one of the best private military schools. Visit for more details.

St. John’s College High School

Located in Washington DC, St. John’s College High School is the country’s oldest private military school. Established in 1851, the high school is the first to complete 100 years of JROTC program. It is a co-educational school that has around one teacher per 15 students. The school is sprawled in a 30-acre campus and has all the facilities. At St. John’s equal weightage is given to academics an co-curricular activities. Cadets are given time to pursue the activities they want so they can develop their skills. The high school also offers De La Salle Scholars Program which is a 4-year that provides numerous opportunities for research, experimental learning, advanced studies and personality development.

Oakland Military Institute

Oakland Military Institute is a charter high school school that teaches students using military techniques. The high school is affiliated with Oakland Unified School District. It is located in Oakland, California and has a state of art teaching facility. The 15000 sq. ft. has science classrooms for smart study, labs, library cum virtual learning centre, art rooms, etc. Its motto is Age Quod Agis which means Do well whatever you do. It was opened in 2001 and has been accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The cadets graduating from this institute go on to become a part of California Cadet Corps. For more details visit