Military Schools for Troubled Boys

Every child is different. Some seem regular while others are not. Some get easily affected by circumstances around them while others are pervasive and know how to handle themselves. There are some children that show signs of extreme behavior at home and school. They exhibit violent mood swings, anger, promiscuity, stubbornness etc. Some children even have drug and alcohol addictions. To correct them parents often choose military schools as they are the best. Such schools are generally boarding schools. They maintain strict discipline and do not tolerate any nuisance. Harsh punishments are given to those who break rules and misbehave.

Military Schools for troubled boys

Military schools guarantee improvement as their daily schedule is full of activities which does not leave any time for non-sensical activities. The no-tolerance policy creates a fear in such children and they think twice before doing anything wrong. Military training not only modifies their behavior but also gives them an aim. Along with improvement they are educated as well. Boys are motivated throughout their stay to perform well and channel their energy in productive tasks. They are taught how to control their weakness and convert it into their strength.

Some of the military schools for troubled boys are:

Southeastern Military Academy

Southeastern Military Academy for Troubled kids

Southeastern Military Academy is a private boarding school for boys who are troubled and require behavior modification. Here military techniques are used to improve the behavior of children and bring them on the right path. The school is only for boys aged between 9 and 17. Children who are troubled and rebellious are admitted in the academy where they are taught to become responsible. Earlier it was known by another name, that is, Victory Forge Military Academy. It admits boys who exhibit varied behavioral problems, drug or alcohol related problems, uncontrolled anger, lack of honesty, defiance and promiscuity.

Southeastern Military Academy’s annual tuition fee for students from 3rd Grade to 12th Grade is $7370 but 12th Grade students need to bear an additional cost of $400 which is their graduation fees. Also, at the time of registration every student needs to pay $875 for books, resources etc. The Academy is committed to provide a second chance to all the troubled boys to make them a better person.

Agape Boarding School

Agape Boarding School for Troubled kids

Motivation is the key to improvement and Agape Boarding School thoroughly believes in it. The private boarding school for troubled boys is located in Missouri and has a excellent reputation. Agape Boarding School is accredited with Accreditation International and with other bodies like National Council for Private School Accreditation, International Council for Education and Council on Occupational Education. The boarding school is also recognized by Association of Christian Teacher and Schools, Missouri Association of Childcare Agencies and many more. It is a renowned school and also one of the best. Agape uses military training to modify the behavior of troubled boys.

The Boarding school is located in a 200 acre ranch where you’ll find all the facilities required for high quality education. Agape admits boys between the age of 12 and 17 and helps them using a well-structured program. They are taught as well as given daily chores to perform like laundry, community service, cleaning etc. Apart from academics they are also involved in extra-curricular activities like rock climbing, horse riding, archery etc. At the campus boys will remain away from negative people and thoughts. They will be close to nature and inculcate positive habits.

At Agape, boys will not only undergo therapy but will also be given proper education they deserve.

Gateway Academy

Gateway Academy is a military boarding school for troubled boys. Children who have problems with authority, are out of control or have drug and alcohol addictions are admitted and corrected. At the academy special focus kept on improving the behavior of boys so they can become something in life and achieve whatever they want. Gateway as the name suggests provides a path of improvement and modification. It motivates struggling boys to perform and have control on their weaknesses.

The academy requires its cadets to maintain proper military decorum. Bad behavior and disrespect towards authority is not tolerated. Cadets who do that must face punishments. The boarding school provides a controlled environment wherein troubled boys are kept away from negative people, habits and thoughts. Behavior modification is done through various programs like team sports, teaching discipline, academic repair and adventure therapy. Cadets are taught the importance and benefits of team work. They are encouraged to be together and perform in unison, as a team. Adventure therapy involves learning through interactive ways. Cadets are put through interesting challenges and are guided throughout their journey.

At Gateway academics are also given priority. Cadets are taught conventional subjects for college education and future employment.

Military training is best for troubled children. Military schools offer good quality services and convert children into responsible and respectable citizens.