Military Schools in Mississippi

Mississippi is situated in the southeastern part of United States. Mississippi happens to be thirty second most extensive and also the thirty first mostly populated state in the whole of United States. Jackson is the capital of Mississippi and it is also the most populous and extensive city in the state. Jackson city is known to be the home of 175,000 people. The state is known to have lesser ranks in the domains like health and GDP. The state is also known to rank one when it comes to category of religious beliefs.

Apart of all low ranks the state is still known for the forest it keeps in reserve. The state has an extension of delta full of flaura and fauna. The developments in the recent past have affected the forest growth but the left overs are more than sumptuous. The state has got its name from the world famous Mississippi river.

The hot and humid climate is just another talk of the town about the state. The river on the coastline adds to the coolness but the effect of the sun is way to higher in the state. People prefer living indoors during the summers. Situated on the coast of river the state is incessantly treated with a lot of storms and hurricanes. Flooding and other water related problem happens to be a big issue for the state and its governor. The government takes a lot of requisite steps but all of them turn incompetent at the arrival of storm and rain.

Regular storms and natural calamities have allowed the army troops to develop a base in the state so that they can be available in case of disaster for the work of relief. Army understands the terrain better hence their contribution is going to be irreparable. A lot of military schools are also popping up in the town and people are admitting their children in these schools and universities.  The motto of all military school is to promote discipline and life skills among children.

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy

Chamberlain-Hunt Academy LogoThe academy happens to be one of the oldest properties in the city; one of the oldest legacies of Oakland College. The Oakland College was known to be founded in the year of 1830. Since then the college has leveraged thousands of people with the best of education and lessons for life. The school is known to promote a lot of sense of responsibility and it has made the life of better by training for becoming a better person in life. The availability of army in the town makes it more professional and disciplined. The whole town is under the influence of army and the education provided here is related to the same.

Hundreds of alumni of the academy have handled a lot of challenging positions in the country and in military and the discipline they have been taught was useful. The school looks forward to train a lot of people in the same direction. The academy offers a lot of extra-curricular courses for the overall development of students.