Military School in New Mexico

This state of New Mexico is located in the Southwestern boundaries of US. The state is filled with hilly regions. New Mexico is the sixth least populated state of the United States nation. Due to its hilly regions, it is also the fifth biggest state. Oil production, tourism and gas production are the major sectors that raise the economy of the country. The state is equipped with air force and military forces. Air force of this country is at its best because it has modern war aircrafts.

The armed forces in the country maintain a healthy relation within and outside the boundaries. The citizens who wish to serve in the military and the air forcehave to attain certain knowledge. The young generation of New Mexico is advised to take a proper approach towards this field.

The government and the other institutions organize seminars for the youngsters to educate them about the forces. Apart from these seminars, there are military schools in the country that fetch the students who are interested in military and air force. New Mexico has two military schools, which are known for their disciplinary actions. The military schools of New Mexico are:

Bataan Military Academy

Bataan Military Academy LOGOBMA is a high school that is approved by the authorities. The grades that are provided to the students are from 9 to 12. The school delivers college preparatory education system. The faculty of the school is highly qualified and provides fantastic knowledge to the candidates. The school is located in Albuquerque. The cadets who are registered in the school are also the part of United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps that is the organization of US navy. One more feature of this school that fetch more students towards this school is the tuition fee. The candidates are exempted from the tuition fees in BMA. This Tier 1 institution is recognized by DOD that maintains international standards. Students are offered advanced math and AP classes that are the additional options. According to the admission procedure, any individual can take admission in BMA. The rules are the same for everyone.

New Mexico Military Institut

NEW MEXICO MILITARY INSTITUTE LOGOThis academy is different from BMA because allows admission for girls too. The grades 9-14 are offered to the cadets of this school. Two programs are provided in the school. One is the Junior college program that last for two years and the other is full program that last for six years. Early commissioning program is the additional feature that enables the student to join the forces directly. ROTC programs are also available in the campus of the school. Par excellence is the motto of this academy and the teachers are dedicated towards it. An honor code is followed in the school that states that the cadet will not cheat nor lie. The accreditation is received from AMCSUS. The school tests the entire potential level of the cadet and gives them what they actually require for the future. All these features differentiate New Mexico Military Institute from the other military schools.