Military School in North Carolina

North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel state of US. It is one of the most densely populated states in the whole country. The economic growth of the country is at zenith because it has metropolitan hubs and other industries that have shown a remarkable growth in past few years. The governing bodies of this American state are impressive as they have some unique laws that are beneficial to maintain a healthy environment throughout the country.

The state is rich in all the amenities that are required by the citizens of a country. The residents of the country are free to choose their profession according to their will. According to the recent statistics, the country has marked growth in all the areas. In addition, they are equipped with a heavy military that consists of navy, air force and ground army.

The studies show that the young citizens have diverted their mind towards this particular field. Maximum numbers of the NC citizens are attracted towards these forces because of the adventurous and lavish future provided by them. The youth of North Carolina are heading towards the army academies to make the most of it. The other reason behind this drainage is the facilities and direct job assistance provided by these schools.

Military Leadership Academy

MILITARY LEADERSHIP ACADEMYThe academy is located in Charlotte. The education provided in the Military Leadership Academy is to help the candidates to prepare themselves for life and for profession as well. Classes from 6 to 11 grades are provided in the school. The school offers co-ed program but the maximum students are male candidates. Semester system is followed in the academy and the graduation rate is approximately 66%. The school provides financial help to the students who are incapable of wearing out the general expenses of the school. Leadership challenges are held in the school for the students so that they can evaluate their skills. Economics, politics and geography are the main subjects for the students. Military Leadership Academy is associated with community services and other social causes as well. Overall, this school is an ideal place for learning for the army aficionados.

Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge Military AcademyThis co-ed college is situated in Oak Ridge. It follows exact military schedule and cultivates leadership in teenagers. It is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is one the 2nd oldest military academy of North Carolina and the 1st school that accepts girls in the boarding premises. Various sports like baseball, football, badminton etc. are available for the students. The students who graduate from this school are accepted by the top universities of North Carolina. Universities from the outer country accept the students Oak Ridge Military Academy as well. The mascot of the institution is a cadet. The feature that raises the demand of this school is the fee structure that is lower than the other schools of this category. The school has glorious past and modern techniques for the students that help them in achieving the goals easily and effectively.