US Naval War College


US Naval War College is a renowned institution with a motto, Viribus Mari Victoria which means Victory by Seapower. It is one of the world’s oldest educational institutions that was established in the year 1884. It is a public college that came into existence when Willian Chandler, the then secretary of Navy signed an order thereby founding the Naval War College. The prestigious college is situated in Newport, Rhode Island and is spread over an area of 4 acres. Naval War College is a staff college that trains navy personnel and brings out a leader in them. It focuses on improving maritime combat capabilities and strengthening partnerships.

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William Chandler understood the need of a war college for naval officers. He knew that the Navy required advanced knowledge about maritime warfare. As per the order, the Newport asylum built for the poor was used for the purpose. The order also appointed Commodore Stephen B. Luce as the first president of the institution. As head, Commodore Luce did everything to overcome the inadequacies that made US Navy weak. He understood that many key areas of studies were left unattended to and using his experience wrote a text on seamanship which was used for more than 50 years.

Luce was a hero, a true leader. He structured exercises for naval tactics and also formulated a department to hear out new ideas. He realized that there were no preparatory training for new recruits, hence he opened US Navy’s first training station in 1883 at Newport. He contributed a lot to the Navy, both as the head of the college and commander of various ships. He knew the importance of teaching warfare and started numerous professional courses to groom new recruits as well as officers.

During that time technology was rapidly evolving, in terms of warfare, metallurgy, chemistry and other matters. Luce recognized the changing times and the application of modern warfare and thus designed advanced courses that could help naval personnel learn swiftly and adapt to new changes.


US Naval War College offers a variety of courses which focus on inculcating leadership skills in naval personnel. Apart from residential curriculum it has distance education programs as well. The college offers numerous professional courses like Flag Officers course, Maritime Staff Operators Course, Executive Level OLW course etc. It also has certain special programs like Advanced Research Program, Mahan Scholars, Stockdale Group etc. wherein students can enroll themselves for advanced research based studies.

Address 686 Cushing Rd, Newport, RI 02841
County Newport
Size 4 acres (1.6 ha)
Year Founded 1884
  •  New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Salve Regina University

The intermediate and senior resident programs include three trimesters and three electives, that is, one elective per trimester. While senior courses have equal trimesters of 13 weeks each, intermediate courses have one trimester of 17 weeks and two of 13 weeks each. The courses primarily focus on teaching advanced maritime warfare. The College also has several courses on joint maritime operations.


US Naval War College is a staff college in which only armed personnel can enroll. The college is for military officers of senior and mid-grade levels who wish to study advanced courses. A military man from any branch of armed force can join the college to study warfare and other related courses. The college also invites hundreds of naval officers from various other countries for international programs.


US Naval War College is a prestigious institution. It is accredited with the New England Association of School and Colleges and Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. The College is also authorized to offer Joint Professional Military Education. The courses are assessed and approved by the Chairman of Joint Chiefs.

To know more about the courses visit the official website of the College or call on 401-841-1310.