Military School in South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the oldest states of USA. This is a beautiful state with outstanding geographical features and is the 24th most populous state in the United States. The economic and political development of this country is at its apex. The laws and regulatory bodies of South Carolina are different from other states and are unique in nature.

Development can be noticed everywhere as the development authorities work in a well-planned manner. Apart from this, South Carolina is the home of some of the finest universities of the world. Even the employment structure of this state is good for individuals because many big companies are heading towards South Carolina.

If we focus on the education system of South Carolina, then one can find that there are ample chances for the students in this state. On one hand, there are the best universities that develop the abilities of the students and provide employment platforms. On the other hand, there are the military schools that help in the overall development of the candidate. They boost both mental and physical abilities of the candidate. Parents can select military schools of South Carolina for the overall development of their child. The benefit of these schools is that the students get an opportunity to serve in armed forces. Students get all the facilitiesin the army academies of South Carolina.

South Carolina is home to two military schools and they are listed below:

Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy LogoThis school is located in the oldest city of America that is Camden. This school was known as Carlisle Military Academy in the olden days and it has a rich past. This academy is a regular academy and only male candidates are admitted. In this institution, students belonging from grade 7 to 12 can be admitted. Camden military academy holds first position among the others. It is also the cheapest institution in this state. The motto of this school is excellence and this is the reason behind the selection of this school as an official military academy of the state. The school maintains a healthy ratio of students and faculty that is 8:1. There are nearly 300 students in the academy and the maximum class size is 15. The classes commence on Saturdays and the students have to stay in the campus while pursuing their studies in this institution.

The Citadel

the citadel military college LogoCitadel academy is situated in Charleston and it is a four-year college program. The students of this academy have to take part in ROTC and this is mandatory. It follows a co- education system and the students have to stay in the campus for the session that lasts for four years. The four pillars on which the education system of this school is based are morals, academics, military and physical. The students are offered with a Bachelor degree that is in the stream of Arts. The operations of the school are tough and no misconduct is tolerated. The students are made perfect in teamwork that boosts their confidence. Citadel College is the finest college for those who wish to work in the army.