Top Military Schools in USA

Military schools offer top notch education. Parents prefer to admit their children in military schools instead of regular ones. Along with academics military schools typically focus on discipline, leadership and extra-curricular activities. The strict routine followed in military schools help in overall development. Such schools provide a controlled environment for growth and prosperity of children. They give a proper shape to an otherwise weak mould and make them responsible citizens.

Military training proves to be a better teaching procedure than regular schooling. It makes children independent and gives them confidence. On the whole it makes them a better person. Indeed military training is tough but it is that pressure that will convert coal into diamond. Some of the best military schools in USA are:

Marine Military Academy

Located in Harlingen, Texas, Marine Military Academy offers the best education to boys from 8th Grade onwards. The private school was established in 1965 and is built on a 142-acre plot. Although the school is not affiliated by US Marine Corps, it is undoubtedly inspired by its ideals. The academy offers high school courses as well as a 1-year post-graduation course. Cadets can get enrolled and get credits.

The academy focuses on extra-curricular activities too. It hosts a 4-week adventure trip during summer holidays for cadets of 13-17 years of age. Everyday at least an hour in the afternoon is dedicated to such activities like football, basketball, self defense, archery etc. The cadets are assigned to either of the 5 companies and a drill instructor will train them. Marine Military Academy is one of the top military schools in US.

Howe Military Academy

Howe Military Academy is a private military boarding school that is spread in a 100-acre campus in Howe, Indiana. It is a co-ed school that admits students in Grades 7th-12th. The Academy has a healthy students teacher ratio of 8:1 which makes learning interesting and effective. At Howe Military Academy equal weightage is given to academics and extra-curricular activities. The cadets are taught using military style classroom procedures. Students who wish to enroll can apply online on school’s website or visit the campus during campus preview dates. Even international students can get enrolled at Howe.

The high school is accredited by Independent Schools Association of Central States, State of Indiana and North Central Association. At Howe, you can expect exceptional academic results and overall personality development of cadets. They are regularly monitored and assessed using Potential Achievement Rating. The rating system monitors students individually. The graduation rate of Howe is 97% which makes it a prestigious institution.

Delaware Military Academy

Found in 2003, Delaware Military Academy is a charter school that is located in Wilmington, Delaware. It is publicly funded and is recognized by the State of Delaware and US Navy. The academy mandatorily requires cadets to join Naval JROTC. Since its a public charter school it doesn’t require admission procedure other than application and personal interview conducted by the council. The Academy conducts its classes inside Red Clay Consolidated School District and for physical training and sports it uses Banning Park.

Delaware Military Academy is considered as one of the best military high schools. It has a high retention rate wherein almost 90% students receive college scholarships. At the Academy cadets can play various outdoor games and even join varsity level teams. The academy is a member of Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association that gives cadets numerous opportunities to prove their mettle. For more information, log on to

Florida Preparatory Academy

Formerly known as Florida Air Academy, Florida Preparatory Academy is a private day cum boarding school that was founded in 1961. The co-educational high school is popularly known as Falcons. It is situated in Melbourne, Florida on a 22-acre campus. The main objective of the Academy is to provide education that consists of leadership, accountability, trust and character. The school is run by James Dwight on the principles of US Air Force Academy.

Florida Preparatory Academy is accredited by AdvancedED and Florida Council of Independent Schools. Along with regular courses the academy offers honors program, dual enrollment and AP classes. The college boasts an adequate teacher-students ratio and  provides additional time called Teacher’s Help period during which students can clear their doubts and seek help with homework. It has a 100% college acceptance rate.

Cadets can take part in various co-curricular activities out of which some are Academy sponsored, like flight training, model rocket club etc. In flight training cadets are taught basic aviation techniques wherein they can learn how to fly an aircraft. They are given proper training on how to make sound decisions. For more information you can visit the official website.

Enroll in these or any of the other top military schools in US and add meaning to your life.