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Responsibility, determination, discipline, and leadership are the pillars of military-style teaching. They represent the structure all youngsters need to excel and bear fruit in their ventures. Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) facilitates lasting changes that benefit the pupil and society he is bound to interact with. FUMA takes its norms seriously to produce dedicated cadets. FUMA is a private military school that offers a premium college curriculum for grades 7-12 and post graduates. It is situated in the heart of the state of Virginia. Currently, it caters only to male students since it no longer is a co-ed school.

Type Private
Grades 7-12 And Post Graduation
Gender All Boys
Tuition Fee
  • For Boarding: $30,900.00
  • For Day Students: $21,850.00
Total Students 550
Teachers Ratio 1:10


fork union military academy LogoFork Union Military Academy originally was not a military model. Dr. William E. Hatcher founded the institution in October 1898 as a co-ed school and named it Fork Union Academy (FUA). The lack of any form of high school in Fork Union Virginia, during the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century and because of this a very small percentile of children were educated in the region. An even smaller percent attended college, let alone graduated. This unfortunate state of education encouraged the establishment of FUA.

Military structure was introduced in 1902 and changed the school name to Fork Union Military Academy. The schools routines are similar to military organizations. They have been following this system for a hundred years since then.


The object of the academy is to abide by certain military standards in order to guide and direct the youth of today. Certain courtesies followed by military recruits are implied here. FUMA has no interlinks with the country’s armed forces, but the basic principles of military education ascertained. Superiors must be addressed with the title of Sir or Ma’am; students must dress well and maintain hygiene, accountability and self- discipline.

The school’s crest displays two swords, a book, and a star, exemplifying its 3 main principles of body, mind and spirit. The aim at FUMA is to prepare young boys for college and the world with spiritual growth and physical and mental development all while living in a military inspired surrounding.


fork union military academy campusFUMA’s campus is spread over 1,305 acres. It provides the option of boarding and has an enrollment rate of over 400 students. Buildings on campus are devoted to class space, where cadets are taught liberal arts, math, science and other courses. The academy has an administrative area, chapel, veteran’s memorial, library with over 21,000 books, students social and activities center. For athletics and sports, there is a gymnasium, athletic center, and aquatic center. About 90,000 sq. feet houses cadets, during the pursuit of their education.


Application for admissions can be done online and even foreign students can apply. Visits to the school are scheduled for a full tour of FUMA. Tuition is more affordable with the education loan facility arranged by the academy. Depending onboarding and day students, the school fees range from $31,000 to $21,000. These fees are all inclusive of textbooks, lodging and laundry, meals, infirmary care, counseling, library and the internet, extra-curricular and recreational facilities, special events, insurance and school publications.

Address 4744 James Madison Highway,Fork Union, Virginia, United States
County Fluvanna
Size 500 Acres
Year Founded 1898
  • Virginia Association of Independent Schools
  • Association of Military Colleges and Schools (AMCS)
  • The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS)


Cadets learn the schools core values of respect for themselves and others and to work in unison with the environment. Honesty and integrity, faith and trust, character and discipline are other values the academy upholds. Every cadet acquires a status purely based on his grades and achievements and not popularity and other fictitious qualities. The academic program is split into Middle school, Upper school, Summer school and the Post Graduate Program.

Middle school for grades 7-8 has a program that renders the needs of young boys and molds them into well-behaved adolescents. Upper school has a well-designed program to guide youngsters from 9-12 grades. It rewards them for their endeavors and improves confidence, concentration and leadership skills. Summer school is for grades 7-12 and proceeds under fun and enjoyable settings. It allows cadets to improve their skills and earn credit. To improve their SAT and other test scores Post graduates are also assisted. This program works well for those who want to make it in sports and athletics. The academy is affiliate with Baptist General Association of Virginia and accreditation from the Virginia Association of Independent Schools.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Athletics

fork union military academy AthleticsFUMA dominates the terrain of sports and athletics by taking it to higher levels. Athletes with extraordinary performance in high school or post-grad teams may obtain sports scholarships to college. Basketball, baseball, cross country, football, diving, wrestling, track and field are some of the 16 interscholastic sports the academy has to offer. Clubs like band club, choir, scout, chess club, cinema club, paintball, water polo, fishing and wood working clubs are part of extra-curricular activities.

Admission Information:

For any admission related queries reach out to:
COL Tripp Billingsley, Admissions Director, Phone: 434-842-4205, Email:

  • Admissions Phone: 434-842-4205
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