Franklin Military Academy

Franklin Military Academy Main Campus
As per the School Board of Richmond City, Franklin Military Academy is a non-biased public school and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion or age. It confers plausive prospects to every student. The programs and services rendered are approved by the School Board to present exceptional education and training to students. Cadets at this academy take Advanced Placement tests and exams to secure seats in the best colleges. The enrollment rate of the minority class is very high, at 97 percent. Out of the 8 public high schools in Richmond, Franklin Military Academy is one. It has been awarded a bronze medal by the Virginia Department of Education, which awards medals to high ranking schools in the state.

Type Public
Grades 6-12
Gender All Boys
Courses JROTC, Spanish, Business, Information Technology, Guitar, AP Science
Total Students 350
Teachers Ratio 1:10


The first public military school was opened in Richmond, in August 1980 as Franklin Military School (FMS). From the time of establishment, the Franklin program has been providing Junior Reserve Officer Training programs to cadets. Superintendent Richard Hunter and the Richmond School Board created a committee to determine the benefits of a public military school to children. They then approached the U.S. Army for its opinion on the subject. In 1980, an unoccupied school was converted into FMS.

Colonel W. Frank Combo was the initial commandant with extensive experience as a public and military school teacher. At first, only 9th-grade classes were taught by the institution. But later on, grades 9-12 were added to change it into a full-fledged high school.


To achieve its vision and mission in all endeavors is Franklin Military Academy’s main objective. A premier and rigorous curriculum benefit the students and drives them to work hard. Community and public services together with steady leadership are accommodated for at the academy. Education techniques take on military styling that equips novice cadets with a competitive edge over others. Franklin Military Academy aspires to become a leading secondary school and the military institution of the highest degree. It aims to combine the efforts of students, parents and teachers to nurture the young talent of the impending future.


Franklin Military Academy Campus

The Academy’s architecture comprises of a renovated school complex. It operates in Richmond City under Richmond School Board. Annually, 300 students are catered to by the institution for physical and mental training. The school receives its funding from Department of Defense to continue its education obligation.


Franklin Military Academy ensures easy access to application forms that can be downloaded from the internet, printed and filled per requirement. The form comes with recommendation slips to be filled by the candidates pat teachers. Every potential candidate must write 4 essays in his own hand writing presented along with the application. The current guidance council of the applicant must directly forward the application form to the academy with an affidavit certifying the candidates has no discipline infractions on his records. Free lunch and lunch at subsidized rates are provided to economically disadvantaged students, based on the data submitted to the government.

Address 701 N 37th St, Richmond, VA 23223, United States
County Richmond City
Size 320 Acres
Year Founded  1980
Programs Military, Public Safety
Motto “Knights Forever…”


Franklin Military Academy proudly presents highly qualified and dedicated staff and faculty. The institute produces the best of the best cadets and sends them into the world as highly motivated, well trained, fruitful members of society. Young men and women are molded into bright leaders of tomorrow, by allowing them to pursue careers in the military. Cadets must go through regular school courses but under a program of military standards instilling dynamism and discipline. All cadets must take up at least one class of military science and the rest can be as per his schedule choice. The Public Safety series has added police and firefighter programs recently. Graduates from Franklin Military Academy are entitled to recognition and scholarship funds based on their grades and performances.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Athletics

Franklin Military Academy extra activities

Despite being a public education establishment Franklin Military Academy vouches for an equal balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. The pursuit of success is fueled by the hunger for greatness. To build a path to greatness, self-discipline, team-spirit and coordination are critical. These characteristics can be sown into a person’s mindset and general behavior with the help of games and exercise. To expand the mind and senses while increasing attention span, activities like music, arts, physical education, basketball, baseball, field hockey and football can aid young cadets to make better progress. The performance of JROTC is mandatory for all cadets during the course of studies at this academy.

Admission Information:

For any admission related queries reach out to:
Crystal Potee, Assistant Principal Franklin Military Academy

  • Admissions Phone:  804.780.8526
  • Fax: 804.780.8054



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