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For a one-of-a-kind academic experience every quarter, Hargrave Military Academy takes its education program seriously. The college and military prep school works hard to reinvent itself so that it can offer its students exceptional means to thrive with brilliance and dynamism. Maturing from young boys to respectable men can only be achieved by building a strong will and disciplined body. Instructors test each cadet’s limits within the classroom and outside to know their weaknesses and strengths. Accordingly, opportunities are prescribed to the cadets to maximize their strengths and reduce their weaknesses. At Hargrave cadets and the faculty treat each other as family and strive to grow together in leaps and bounds.

Type Private
Grades 7-12, PG
Gender All Boys
Tuition Fee
  • Boarding: $20,405.00
  • International: $21,525.00
  • Day: $12,900
Total Students 220
Teachers Ratio 1:8
Website www.hargrave.edu


hargrave military academy LogoThe academy was set up in 1909 and called Chatham Training School (CTS) because of its location in Chatham, Virginia. It was renamed Hargrave Military Academy in 1925, after a farmer, J. Hunt Hargrave, who founded the school. The academy was an all-boy training school. The government formally scrutinized the school and its practices upon the request of many students and patrons for a military training to be part and parcel of the institution’s education facilities.

On many accounts, Hargrave has participated in JROTC programs in the past. Hargrave performs free of JORTC with its own dress code and standards. Many see the school as a correction facility for incorrigible behavior because of it observes norms almost identical to those of the military. But the school considers its focus to be on character building and not to provide a penitentiary for delinquent juveniles. Admissions were open to women for some time but then the academy resumed catering only to male cadets. The year 2009 saw the return of the post-graduate and summer program.


Hargrave Military Academy perseveres to foster influential surroundings for better performance and skills. The Academy supplies its students with an appreciation of their efforts and the support they need academically or personally. A balanced schedule is prepared so cadets get sufficient time for learning, studying, regular meals, recreation, exercise, and sleep. The learning structure inculcates priceless values and appreciation of oneself and others. Hargrave creates an easy understanding of the American democracy and the virtues it holds. The school ultimately aims at producing intellectual, decorous young men with strong beliefs and professional attitude.


Hargrave Military Academy campusThe infrastructure here has been furnished with the latest technology to profit everyone from students to the teachers. The Academy has an `efficient laboratory, leadership and distance learning centers, art studio and video preparation classes. The renewed school auditorium seats 200 and more. The school covers approximately 214 acres and accommodates a total of 210 students.


Hargrave Military Academy is open to U.S. residents and international students. Applications are available online and application fee payments can be done securely over the internet. The fees are $75 and $150 per application, depending on the candidate’s origin. Foreign and local students must send current academic transcripts, 3 recommendations and partake in a personal or telephonic interview.

Address 200 Military Drive, Chatham, Virginia, United States
County Pittsylvania
Size 220 Acres
Year Founded 1909
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Virginia Association of Independent Schools
Merit Scholarship Offered


Hargrave Military Academy has upheld its accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and the Virginia Association of Independent Schools for many years. This assures the academy’s proficiency in instructing and educating cadets.


The academy gives each cadet access to notebook computers for academic purposes. They enable a wireless connection to access online resources anywhere on campus including the school bleachers. The well-equipped departments facilitate non-stop learning. College preparatory courses and advanced placement courses enable headstrong cadets get into the colleges of their dreams. Students are offered 9 college level courses for college prep. Summer school and post graduate programs are also available to students. The technological resources include high speed networks and potent software programs to teach mathematics, philosophy, English and much more. The library is populated with around 14,000 volumes and reference books.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Athletics

Hargrave Military Academy SportsThe sports activities at Hargrave are baseball, basketball, cross country, drill team, football, golf, lacrosse, marksmanship, riflery, rock climbing, soccer, swimming, tennis, and wrestling. The school segregates student interscholastic sports participation based on middle school, varsity and junior varsity and postgraduate. The school also maintains a swimming club for students. Cadets also participate in the debate, marching, choir, literary and language clubs, photography and computer-related activities.

Admission Information:

For any admission related queries reach out to:
Mr. Alice Hendrickson, Admissions Director, Email: hendricksona@hargrave.edu

  • Admissions Phone: 800-432-2480
  • Staff Phone: 434-432-2481,434-432-2147



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