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Outdoing its self on every count allows Virginia Military Institute (VMI) to be beyond ordinary and raise extraordinary individuals into refined citizens. The finest of skills are arrived at by staying current yet grounded to existing norms and principles. VMI is one of the oldest state-supported colleges in the country providing four years of collegiate education to undergraduates.

Despite its military influence, joining any military commission is a voluntary choice for cadets. Students have a mix of academics, professional and social opportunities at the institution that encourages improved learning, leadership, and interactions.

Type Public (Senior Military College)
Grades 6-12
Gender Co-ed
Tution Fees
  • $8,461.00 In-state
  • $32,770.00 out-of-state
Total Students 1664
Teachers Ratio 12:1


Virginia Military Institute Logo

Virginia Military Institute is part of the state’s rich history. It is a public senior military college founded in 1839. During the war of 1812 arms and weapons would be stocked in strategic locations to be used in case of an invasion or attack.

Attorney John Thomas Lewis Preston suggested that it would be way better to put up a school to render education as well as military training to people. After much discussion and efforts on the part of Preston, the school was approved by the authorities.

VMI has produced many cadets and commanders who took part in the Second World War and the American Civil War. Women were permitted to be a part of the college Corps of Cadets during 1997 and continue to be till date.


The key area of focus is to continue to educate cadets at a higher level while simultaneously imparting traits like respect, leadership, and confidence. The institute sets its sights on sending out ethical young men and women who uphold the principles of the country’s democracy and defend citizens’ honor. The lessons taught and the exercises practiced at VMI foster the talent of overcoming adversity.


Virginia Military Institute inner campus

VMI is situated in Lexington Virginia. The college campus is commonly called the Post because of its history and military influences. It offers boarding facilities to students during the term of college.

Around 12 acres of the institute have been appointed to the Virginia Military Historic District. The remaining area accommodates boarders in a five-story building, a training center, a visitor and lounge area, snack bar, offices and meeting areas for college clubs. The college is presently trying to expand its programs for an international student.

Address 309 Letcher Ave, Lexington, VA 24450, United States
Mascot Moe the Kangaroo
Size 134 Acres
Year Founded 1839
  •  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  •  Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International
  • Engineering Accreditation Commission
  • American Chemical Society
Average Grant Aid Received $10,168


Virginia Military Institute new logo

Cadet’s acceptance depends on their physical fitness, high school accreditation or curriculum, academic scores, age and marital status. A one year waiver is granted to those who have a served in the armed forces and related reasons that the college sees sufficient.

The cost of tuition at VMI is $24,090 for residents of Virginia and $46,146 for non-Virginians. These costs do not include expenses for uniforms, textbooks, supplies and registration.

The tuition payment plan is payable in 10 monthly installments.

Annual tuition Fees 2015-2016

Tuition $8,461.00 $32,770.00 $32,770.00
Room $2,676.00 $2,676.00 $2,676.00
Board $6,292.00 $6,292.00 $6,292.00
Auxiliary Fees
     Athletic $3,243.00 $3,243.00 $3,243.00
     Medical $474.00 $474.00 $474.00
     Cadet Facilities / Activities $2,145.00 $2,145.00 $2,145.00
Quartermaster Charges
     Laundry/Pressing $383.00 $383.00 $383.00
     Haircuts $264.00 $264.00 $264.00
     Uniforms/UMA Activities $2,522.00 $2,522.00 $2,522.00
Health Insurance $1,100.00
Total for returning cadets $26,460.00 $50,769.00 $51,869.00
Security Deposit (new & re-admits) $200.00 $200.00 $200.00
Total (new & re-admits) $26,660.00 $50,969.00 $52,069.00


Virginia Military Institute Academics

Techniques of education at Virginia Military Institute are top-notch and deepen the desire to learn. The distinctive system of military authority and obedience guides young men and women and influences them to realize their true purpose.

Four years of ROTC is mandatory for all cadets and offers programs in all for branches of the U.S. military, namely the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. At the end of the final year course, there are no compulsions to join any part of the nation’s armed forces. Students can venture into any field or profession of their choice.

Extra-Curricular Activities / Athletics

Virginia Military Institute Sports

A total of 50 sponsored clubs and organizations are available to cadets. Rugby, soccer, basketball, marathon, lacrosse, jiu-jitsu, tennis, water polo and wrestling are some of the sports clubs available at the school. Service club teaches cadets the art of providing aid to those in need at local, national and international levels. Special interest clubs, military club, religion club and music and theater clubs too are available.

Admission Information:

For any admission related queries reach out to:
COL. VERN BEITZEL, Admissions Director, Email:

  • Admissions Phone: 800-767-4207
  • Email: 
  • Fax: 540-464-7746
  • Admissions Office Address
    319 Letcher Avenue
    Virginia Military Institute
    Lexington, VA 24450

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